Vacuum Seal Jar Adaptor PVC for Over-Sized Mason 1/2 Gallon, Gallon, Large Pickle Jars Food Juice Fruit Preservation Storage Sealing System

Expected to ship within 1-2 weeks of approved mockup.

About this Product

Perfect for helping to keep food fresh in nearly any resealable glass jar or plastic bottle. TWO different size options are available:
4" Adaptor- Jar or bottle that is greater than 4" in diameter with lid smaller than 3.75". This would include 1/2 gallon mason jars, gallon plastic water bottles, and 48 oz (not gallon) sized pickle jars. This size can be ordered with or without the permanent lid since you can use the lid from the Vacuum Chamber (sold separately). NOT recommended for 2 liter soda bottles.

3" Adaptor - Jar or bottle that is greater than 3" in diameter with lid smaller than 2.6". This would include 2 liter plastic soda bottles and gallon water bottles.

I'm still working on sourcing an adaptor for gallon glass jars that have lids larger than 3.75" so stay tuned.

This vacuum adaptor comes in 3 options:
A - 4 inch with the permanently attached lid that also includes a small gasket to put on your Food Saver accessory hose, if needed to form a better seal.

B - 4 inch without the lid. Choose this option ONLY if you already own my vacuum chamber or are purchasing at the same time. You'll be able to use the lid and the small gasket that comes with that item so you can save money choosing this option.

C - 3 inch with the permanently attached lid that will include a small gasket to put on your Food Saver accessory hose, if needed to form a better seal.

With any option, if you purchase at the same time as the Vacuum Chamber, you'll save money on shipping.

The chamber is ideally used with a Food Saver vacuum sealer that has a hose attachment. If your model has a hose port, but no hose, you'll need to order a hose elsewhere. Amazon and eBay both have them. The food saver is NOT included.

If you don't have a vacuum sealer, you can also use the vacuum chamber with a brake bleeder, which can be purchased for around $20-$25 from Amazon. Keep in mind, it'll give you a work out as you'll need to pump to about 10psi to form the seal. You need to have hand strength enough to keep up with it, so really not the recommended method.

Another alternative is a handheld battery operated or electronic vacuum sealer. These can run from $20-$40. I've used the Food Saver brand with success (they are now $40), but cannot speak to the other brands.

NOTE: This is NOT a substitute for water bath canning or pressure canning. For food requiring refrigeration, this will to add a couple more days/weeks of freshness to your food. If your food requires refrigeration, you'll still need to keep it refrigerated after vacuum sealing.

For dry goods and dehydrated goods, vacuum sealing can add months of freshness, especially if paired with an oxygen absorber.

Made to order, so please allow time for processing.


Rosamond, CA
Custom requests are welcomed! Processing time is about 1-2 weeks for your fully custom item made just for you on most items.

Meet the Maker

Welcome to my one woman shop!

My name is Jennifer. I am an Army veteran, mom to an Army reservist/social worker, wife, and Christian. I started my interest in woodworking in middle school, back when shop classes were mandatory. Then, blessed with working for a sign maker in high school and gifted a router one distant Christmas, I made crafting my full-time job in 2015. I enjoy creating products you'll enjoy receiving and giving. If you'd like to customize anything you see in my shop to make it yours alone, just let me know. I love working with you to make unique pieces. If you are not quite ready to buy, please favorite my shop so you can find me easily when you are ready. Thanks for looking! 

 I also operate, and on Etsy so be sure to check them out, too... but just to see what I can do. If you want something you see there and not on this platform, hosted by goimagine, please contact me so I can recreate the listing here, that way all profits from fees will go to children in need.

As a former foster parent and a parent of a daughter who chose to go into social work to help keep children from having to go into foster care, I am passionate about the goimagine cause and look forward to the day I have all my inventory available here. 


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Meet the maker: Jennifer

How it’s Made

Video demonstrating it's use:

Click here for the vacuum chamber for jars up to 4" in diameter:

Shop Policies

Please review before purchasing!

Sizing details
The materials I use are reclaimed, refurbished, or at least rebought and may be one of a kind. To maximize usage, sizing may vary in all dimensions plus or minus about 10%. For custom signs, you'll be sent a mock up based on your custom text along with approximate dimensions planned for your project. Let us know at the time of your order if exact specific sizing is required.

Custom and personalized orders
The max number of characters for personalization may be limited based on the size of the item. If you need more, please contact me for a customized quote. The font(s) shown in the first photo is generally standard for that sign. If you'd like another font, just let me know. I will send a mockup of your personalized sign within 2-3 business days for your approval before beginning work so be sure to check your email.

Care instructions
Some items include indoor/outdoor urethane, some include just inside urethane, and some are left unfinished. Cedar and redwood weathers nicely outside whether finished or not, but other wood types should be sealed for protection and that protection should be renewed by the customer regularly to ensure continued protection. Corian is a man-made acrylic that is weather proof and uv resistant, however the paint (though suitable for outdoor use) will need touch ups if used outside just as house paint would. 

Packaging and protective materials are recycled whenever available, but still clean and sturdy, this is to save you money as well as help keep perfectly usable material out of the landfill.

Mockup Approval/Cancellations
I get to work on your mockup as soon as possible after your order is received to get it to you within the promised time frame, so cancellations are not accepted after 24 hours. Please respond promptly with your input for the mockup as work will not begin until you approve it.

As most work is done to order specifically for you, returns and refunds are not possible on custom. If your order arrives damaged or is lost in the mail, let me know and I'll make it right. Be sure the mockup I send to your email is how you want the final design to look. 

Processing time
Processing time is an estimate. For most custom products, that will be within 2 weeks. If you absolutely must have your order by a certain date, please contact me before ordering. While I can promise the date I will ship. I cannot guarantee delivery times as sometimes things just happen. If you are local to Rosamond, CA, you are welcome to pickup.

Shipping and Insurance
Shipping times are estimates. Once accepted by the post office, priority usually takes 1-3 days,  and ground UPS/FEDEX takes 1-6 days. However, occasionally things are delayed or misdirected. Shipping arrival is not guaranteed except for Priority EXPRESS. 

All items are shipped insured. Lost items cannot be claimed until 15 days have passed for domestic and 30 days for international. Damaged items will need to have photos taken and the packing material kept. Please contact me for details.

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